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Attention: Anyone Teaching Primary or Elementary Music Classes

Everywhere Music Teachers Are Raving About This Amazing New Prepared Program For Bucket Drumming.

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For anyone who is frustrated teaching bucket drumming, or looking for new, and exciting methods!

How music teachers just like you are successfully teaching bucket drumming. It doesn’t even matter if they haven’t had any experience with a bucket drumming program before!

From: Kevin Tuck
Adelaide, Australia

“Did you need some help controlling the students?”

The kind deputy principal asked me.

That was pretty humiliating. I was a young teacher, and I was a guest presenter at a school. This was not a good question to be asked by the supervising teacher!

I’d been asked to give a special workshop for some students on bucket drumming. I’d been working as a performer, playing percussion for a few years. I thought “how hard could it be?”

However, I was not prepared for the reality of 40 students with drum sticks in their hands! I went home frustrated, tired, and with a sore throat from raising my voice over the sound of student’s bucket drumming.

I had planned many complicated activities and music for the students. After this day I realised the problem wasn’t in WHAT I’d prepared. It was that I had no system for HOW I was going to present it.

So when I was asked to run another workshop, I decided to take a different approach. I decided to be incredibly strict! I was not going to take any prisoners – and I would make them behave like a well-oiled machine!

This time it worked a little better, but students still misbehaved! At the end of this day, all I had was a worse sore throat! This was because I was yelling even louder to try and be heard over the students playing their bucket drums.

Then I worked it out. I discovered that it wasn’t how strict or how casual I was that would make a difference. It wasn’t what the bucket drumming program was – how much they liked or didn’t like it. None of those things mattered!

What made the difference was a SYSTEM. A system that would allow me to speak and, communicate the teaching to the students. A system that would keep them moving and interested in what we were doing.

Kevin Tuck - Bucket Drumming Workshop Presenter

Kevin Tuck

Percussionist and workshop presenter, plus manager of the Fun Music Company.

 Bucket for bucket drumming

I discovered that I needed certain tactics in my teaching for when and how they would pick up drum sticks. That way I could communicate with students without having to speak over someone bucket drumming.

I discovered that if the students are moving around the room and doing different things, they don’t get bored and play at the wrong times!

I realised that it wasn’t my fault. In all my years at university and teacher training, nothing had prepared me for this situation.

No-one prepared me for the reality of standing in front of a group of 40 students with drum sticks in their hands!

Of course, I’d seen people claiming it was easy, but in truth it isn’t. People tried to tell me that standard behaviour management tactics will work just as well with this. Well, lets just say that some ideas worked, and many didn’t!

That’s when I decided to make a change.

Once I realised and adopted the system I needed, then I was able to break free! I broke free from the condescending looks from other teachers! I got the respect of the students and had great success in my programs.

But it’s not just me! Since we started sharing this system with others, we’ve had many teachers write back to us. They’ve told us how much they have enjoyed working with bucket drumming in their classrooms.

I hadn’t realised this when I started. Teaching bucket drumming with the students teaches them important musical concepts. It also gives an amazing experience and wonderful memories for the students involved.

So that is why we have refined and expanded on the materials I pioneered to create:

The Fun Music Company

Bucket Drumming Program

A bucket drumming program for the classroom.

Fun Music Company Bucket Drumming Program

This program is a result of my 20+ years working as a workshop presenter in schools. Then, I worked together with experienced classroom educators to create activities that work, each and every time.

Because I’ve been through the challenges, the ups and downs and made all the mistakes, you don’t have to!

After going through the included bucket drumming training you’ll feel ready to go, and have a system to implement on day one.

The classroom management system, which took me years to develop, you can learn by reading a simple PDF document!

Teaching Bucket drumming whiteboard example

Unique bucket drumming animations, so you can show the students what to play in a familiar game-like style.

We revised, tested and refined this animation style until it was perfect! Children watch the balls fall down onto the buckets, and they keep in time. Because the animation on the screen takes care of the timing, you can focus on other aspects of their playing.

Real music notation and elements of music are used, so you can cover important parts of your music curriculum.

We use bucket drumming to cover important elements of music such as beat, rhythm, dynamics and expression. We expose students to real music notation, which helps students transition from using animations to sheet music.

Bucket Drumming whiteboard exercise
Bucket drumming program example
Bucket drumming program whiteboard example

Detailed instructional videos, so you can easily communicate the essential information on how to play the buckets.

We took the key technical elements that have to be communicated to students and put them all on video. This means you don’t have to remember them! Of course teachers can do all the direct instruction themselves. However, if running short of time they can just press play on the video!

Content structured to prepare for 8 bucket drumming pieces

This program is set up to prepare 8 fun and engaging bucket drumming ensemble pieces.

Each piece has a clear outcome and learning goals. Teachers have the flexibility to add more revision, or skip over material if the class is moving quickly.

Each lesson could be completed in a standard school lesson time frame. However, each piece should take several sessions to master.

Key Elements of the Fun Music Company Bucket Drumming Program

The Fun Music Company Bucket Drumming Animation System

The  Bucket Drumming Animations have been carefully designed to make bucket drumming easy and fun.

While they do make it easy, the animations also provide accurate music notation. This means that students are familiar and learn to read sheet music.

Bucket Drumming Performance Pieces

Eight Performance pieces form the structure of the bucket drumming system.

This is because we believe that the experience of preparing a piece for performance is critical for students. They learn each section, and memorise the structure and form of the piece. This assists their musicianship and learning.

Performance piece example

Please note: Reading sheet music is not a prerequisite! We do provide all the sheet music for these pieces, but teachers do not need to use them. The students can just follow the animation, as in the example below.

Bucket Drumming Instructional Videos

This Bucket drumming program doesn’t intend to replace the teacher in the classroom. The teacher has to drive the lessons and keep the students moving through the program.

However, it isn’t a problem if the teacher doesn’t feel confident with the technical areas of bucket drumming. This program has video instruction to help!

These videos are often very short, containing just what is needed. They have nothing that serves to distract from the core learning of the lesson.

Instructional Video Example

Bucket drumming program

This is what the Bucket Drumming Core Program Includes:

  • Eight performance pieces.

  • Lessons programmed to prepare each piece.

  • Instructional videos to help learn the pieces.

  • Sheet music and audio for each piece.

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Plus Included Bonus Items Below

How do you run these lessons?

That is why we’ve included this really important bonus:

Bucket Drumming Bonus #1

Step-by-step Lesson Plans

Teaching lessons like these, a detailed lesson plan is a must-have! That is why we’re pleased to provide a full set of lesson plans for this unit. The lessons are structured around how to teach each of the pieces, and can be broken up over as many sessions as desired.

What about the classroom management?

That is why we’ve included this really important bonus:

Bucket Drumming Bonus #2

The Bucket Drumming Classroom Management System

Good classroom management is essential when you are dealing with a class of children with sticks in their hands!

It doesn’t matter if this is your first year teaching, or you’ve been teaching for many years. It is still going to be challenge!

So that is why we’ve put together this 8 page document. In a quick 10 minute-read you’ll get an overview and some ideas for how to manage bucket drumming in your classroom.

What if you don’t know what buckets to use for bucket drumming?

Then this bonus item is for you:

Bucket Drumming Bonus #3

Bucket Guide for Bucket Drumming

A bucket is just a bucket, isn’t it?

Well … no.

Although you would think that all plastic buckets could be turned into bucket drums, that wouldn’t be quite correct!

Some types of plastic buckets will break when hit, and others will last years!

We’ve collected the simple, practical advice you need in this short report.

What if you want even MORE?

Bucket Drumming Bonus #4

Practical Music Lessons: Bucket Drumming

Value: $39.95

Once you get past the core pieces in this program, we know your students will be begging for more! That is why we’ve included this classic Fun Music Company program. It contains an additional ten Bucket Beats. These are simple tracks to help the students learn to stay in time on their buckets. Sheet Music and mp3 files included.

Bucket drumming sheet music examples

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need for bucket drumming?2023-12-17T01:52:17+00:00

There are only two pieces of equipment needed for each student.

  1. Bucket
  2. Pair of sticks


Please see the bonus item provided below for guidance on the best type of buckets to get. Generally these can be sourced from local hardware stores at a relatively small price. They can sometimes be sourced from people in industrial businesses free of charge. Search on google or ask around parent and friend groups and you can be amazed at what may be donated!


Ideally real drum sticks are best. Ask your local music store for a bulk price on the cheapest sticks they have, and these will be just fine.

If this is too expensive, then it is possible to use plain wood dowels. Buy 10-12mm dowel rod from the local hardware store, and cut them to length. If doing this, consider winding the sticks with electrical tape. This will make the sticks last longer, and avoid the chance of splinters.

Do I need to be a drummer to teach this program?2023-12-17T01:52:49+00:00

Absolutely not! Anyone can teach this program, no matter your drumming experience. We have included instructional videos which cover all technical issues.

You don’t even need to read music, as you can just follow the animations. Students just play the bucket when the ball hits the bucket on screen,

Isn’t bucket drumming too loud?2023-12-17T01:56:04+00:00

True, it can be loud when you’ve got 30 students with sticks in their hands.

We have provided some suggestions for dampening and making the buckets quieter in our bucket guide bonus. This guide is provided free with this program.

The key to not having a headache at the end of a bucket drumming session is effective classroom management. Review the bucket drumming classroom management system article included in this program.

If you follow all the suggestions in that document, the bucket drumming shouldn’t be too loud. The buckets are not too loud if the only time they are played is when the students are playing all together.

How does this fit into the Fun Music Company curriculum program?2023-12-17T01:56:01+00:00

This is part of the SING & PLAY component of Grade 5 and grade 6 of the Fun Music Company curriculum program.

The first four pieces are part of the Grade 5 program, and the second four are part of the grade 6 program. You can do it independently if you wish or as part of the Grade 5 and 6 program.

Full members of the Fun Music Company curriculum do not need to buy this program separately. It is provided in their membership.

What grades does this bucket drumming program suit?2023-12-11T04:58:55+00:00

This program was designed for upper primary or elementary students: grade 5 and grade 6.

However, this program could work for grade 3 or 4s, or even for middle school or high school students without a problem.


Here is Everything You Get With This Program

Bucket drumming program materials
  • Online access to the Bucket Drumming core program, including

    1. Eight performance pieces.
    2. Lessons programmed for each piece.
    3. Instructional videos to learn the pieces.
    4. Sheet music and audio for each piece.
  • Bonus #1: Complete Lesson Plan document

  • Bonus #2: “Classroom Management for Bucket Drumming” PDF report

  • Bonus #3: “Bucket Guide for Bucket Drumming” PDF Report

  • Bonus #4: Practical Music Lessons – Bucket Drumming extension material

$240.00 value

$99.00 value



$39.95 value

Total value included $378.95

Yours for Only $199/year

Just imagine how great your teaching will be when you’re able to have your bucket drumming covered, and covered properly.

You won’t have to spend hours trawling the internet to find materials for teaching bucket drumming. You instantly get materials that are suitable and appropriate. You won’t have to think hard about what to teach when. Everything you need in this bucket drumming program is built in!

Click on the order button below right now, and you’ll be taken to a secure order form. After you put in your payment information you’ll be given access to the  bucket drumming program. You can get started with your lesson planning right away, and access in the classroom as soon as tomorrow morning.

bucket drumming guarantee

Of course I want to make sure that this system will work for you, so like everything else at the Fun Music Company you’re covered by our 100% money back guarantee. If you find that this system isn’t the most amazing, comprehensive and incredible tool for teaching bucket drumming that you’ve ever encountered, then I insist that you contact us for a full refund. There’s no questions asked.

It doesn’t matter to us whether or not you join the hundreds of music teachers already using this bucket drumming material. However, without our help I know that you’ll always be working harder than you have to. You’ll be struggling to find songs and bucket beats well into the night, when you should be relaxing and recharging. We want you to do what you need to do best, which is communicating with your students in the classroom!

So remember when you get started today you’re going to get the full bucket drumming program. You’ll get all the lesson plans and videos and access to our library of ensemble pieces. So click on the button below, and we’ll see you in the members’ area!

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