Need a solution for remote teaching?

Right now, teachers are being asked to teach online, as schools close all over the world due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Here is what we are doing to help.



Dear music teaching friend,

Right now, the world is experiencing some extraordinary times, with schools closing and teachers being asked to teach students via the internet in their homes.

With older students, it is easy to give them music theory worksheets or assignments to complete, and they can work along at home and send you back their work. However what about younger students, in primary or elementary school?

Here at the Fun Music Company we surveyed our customers, and found out that teachers need something:

– That can be done by the students at home with very little instruments or equipment.

– That will still involve students actively participating in music.

– That will be easy to do, and require no passwords or anything like that for the students.

So what we did was go through our entire Fun Music Company Curriculum program, and choose the best lessons that will work in this situation. Then we created extra ideas for the students on how to implement them and created email templates to explain each lesson.

We have four lessons for you from each grade, which we believe will work for remote learning. They use minimal instruments, and where instruments are required students make or find objects to substitute for instruments.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: The teacher sends the students an email

You send students an email with the lesson content, customized from the template provided.

Instead of email you could use Google Classroom or whatever online system your school is using.

Step 2: Student completes the lesson online

Students visit the links in the email to access the videos and instructional materials.

No student login is required.

Students complete their work with minimal equipment required.

Step 3: Student emails back their work

Some of the lessons have a worksheet, and some lessons ask that students video themselves doing something, and email their work back to you for assessment.

This is completely customizable based on your own expectations of your students.

Questions you may have...

How many lessons does this include?

This contains four lessons for each grade from K-6, so 28 lessons in total. Grade level indications are hidden on the student accessed materials, so you can easily use them for different grades if you wished.


Do they need instruments at home?

No - we have made this so that students need no equipment. In some grades there is activities to make or find home-made percussion instruments to play some untuned percussion.


What is the teacher's role in this?

You need to review the lessons, choose which lesson you want to send to the students, and customize the email communication for them. Then, after they have completed the lesson you go through their responses, review them and provide feedback if you wish.


How long will I have access?

Like all lessons in the Fun Music Company curriculum program, this is a one-year access license. However should the current situation last longer than a year, we will extend it for you at no cost. We expect that you'll be back teaching in the classroom well before your access to this ever expires!


I already have access to the Fun Music Company curriculum - do I need to purchase this?

No - if you have a current curriculum membership, this should already be available for you in your members area. If not, please get it contact with us and we will set it up for you at no cost.


Can I see a sample?

Certainly - please view the lesson file and access student links below. In the product all lesson files and worksheets are provided as Microsoft Word files for ease of editing and distribution.

Lesson file


Sample student links

Here is what you get

Lesson 1: SING & PLAY A Sailor went to sea

Lesson 2: CONNECT Flight of the Bumblebee

Lesson 3: SING & PLAY Frere Jacques

Lesson 4: CONNECT The Elephant and the Swan

Lesson 1: SING & PLAY Bingo

Lesson 2: COMPOSE Animal Sounds

Lesson 3: SING & PLAY Botany Bay

Lesson 4: CONNECT The Can Can

Lesson 1: SING & PLAY Funga Alafia

Lesson 2: CONNECT Radetsky March

Lesson 3: COMPOSE Soundscaping

Lesson 4: CONNECT Swan Lake

Lesson 1: SING & PLAY A Ram Sam Sam

Lesson 2: CONNECT Hungarian Dance

Lesson 3: COMPOSE Body Percussion

Lesson 4: CONNECT Elvis

Lesson 1: SING & PLAY Click go the shears

Lesson 2: COMPOSE Percussion Accompaniment

Lesson 3: CONNECT Dr. Who Theme

Lesson 4: CONNECT King Sunny Adé

Lesson 1: SING & PLAY Waltzing Matilda

Lesson 2: COMPOSE Create a chant

Lesson 3: COMPOSE Create a drum beat

Lesson 4: CONNECT Star Wars Theme

Lesson 1: COMPOSE Four line chant

Lesson 2: COMPOSE Drum Beat

Lesson 3: CONNECT Hedwig's Theme

Lesson 4: CONNECT Buddy Rich

Normal price for these lessons in the curriculum - $499 / year

Normal price $99 / year

Special launch price $79

Works out to less than $3 per lesson!



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