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Why is there an annual subscription?


The Fun Music Company curriculum has two parts: the online screen presentations and the teacher’s guidebooks and CDs.

The on-screen presentation part of the Fun Music Company curriculum is delivered online – this means that no software ever has to be installed, and nothing has to be downloaded.

The flip-side of this benefit for you is that it must be a subscription service, because we as the service provider become responsible for keeping it running and updating it for all the technology changes that happen, making sure it works on every device that is used in schools.

I’m sure you’ll appreciate with such a large amount of video content in the program that potentially could be used by hundreds or even thousands of schools every day around the world, that the cost of delivering this service in the future could be very substantial, so therefore we can’t sell lifetime access to this – as we can’t guarantee that it can work well into the future.

However we are going further than that – we are committed to constantly reviewing, refining and improving the online content as we get feedback from users, so that the curriculum becomes better year after year. This is only possible because it is an online-delivered program. If it were a one-time purchase it would exist the way it does forever.

If you choose to purchase the edition with the books and CDs, you can keep them forever. You can continue to use the songs in them and the teaching ideas as long as you would like – they are yours.

However if you want to use the online presentation parts after the first year: the sheet music videos, the classroom videos and interactive activities then you need to renew every year. If you don’t want to use this part of the program, then you don’t have to renew.

This is different from a program you might choose to use once or twice and put back on the shelf. We envisage that it would be used every single day in the classroom, with those sheet music videos being played over and over and over again, and in that context then our annual fees are not expensive at all.

Our vision for this curriculum is a program that is alive!, We expect that it is constantly getting better because people are using it every day, providing feedback and we are refining it, and this is only possible if we make it a subscription service.

We have created this program because we love music education: It is a life-long commitment for us to help music teachers all around the world make music lessons fun and fulfilling. If you choose to join us in our curriculum program we know that you and your students will benefit from this commitment and the input from all the experts who had input into the program, and all the other teachers using it as well.


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