We always get questions like: I don’t have an interactive whiteboard – can I still use this? and Can I use my iPad?.. and all those sort of technology-related questions.

Well … for this one … we are pleased to announce that the answer is yes!

Yes, you can use it, no matter what technology you happen to have in your classroom.

We’ve set this up as an online system. It is set up as a type of webpage that you access in the classroom. Its fully setup online, so there is nothing to download or install or anything for these programs, you simply login to our new members area, choose the module you want and away you go.

Its setup to work on any device, and yes, even iPads!

For this program, all you need is a screen, and some sort of device that can access the internet attached to it. A computer with any internet browser will do it or any sort of iPad or tablet device.