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Seven Essential Worksheets for helping students read music


Thanks for your interest in our ‘Seven Essential worksheets’ for helping students read music.


These worksheets are specially selected from our Printable Music Theory Books series to help students with their music reading


Worksheet #1 – Notes in the Treble Clef

This is a great reminder for all students just on the basics of reading the treble clef notes.

If you’re using a ‘Rhymes’ method of learning the lines and spaces, then you can use that with this worksheet, otherwise you can simply count up ‘like a ladder’ from middle C. Either way works just fine!


Download Worksheet #1

Worksheet #2 – Notes in the Bass Clef

This is also a critically important worksheet for those learning piano or bass clef instruments.

Students often have trouble just getting around the fact that Bass and Treble clefs are different!


Download Worksheet #2

Worksheet #3 -The Piano Keyboard

This obviously is most useful for piano students, but it can be used for all students to help them understand the relationship between bass and trebe clefs



Download Worksheet #3

Worksheet #4 -Note Types

Learning rhythm is probably the most forgotten part of music reading. Everyone in the early stages concentrates on pitch, but that is only part of the equation. Getting a good grasp of the note values is really important, even at this early stage.

We provide two options for this worksheet, depending of if you use European (crotchet, quaver etc) or American (quarter, half note)
terminology in your lessons.


Download Worksheet #4 – European
Download Worksheet #4 – American

Worksheet #5 -Note Types #2

This continues the learning of note types from the previous worksheet



Download Worksheet #5 – European
Download Worksheet #5 – American

Worksheet #6 – Time Signatures


A critical component for students to understand if they are going to become good music readers is Time Signatures – and this worksheet is really helpful in getting them to understand this topic.



Download Worksheet #6 – European
Download Worksheet #6 – American

Worksheet #7 – Italian Terms


Lastly, italian terms shouldn’t be forgotten, as Italian is the international language for music, and its really important that students know and understand how to interpret these terms.



Download Worksheet #7


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