Looking for ideas to use in your Keyboard lab or keyboard lessons?


This program is NOT a complete program of instruction for keyboard.. there are many excellent resources for that.

What this does contain is a collection of fun little tunes that just about any general music class can enjoy in a general music classroom.

Benefits of this program

  • It is suitable for students of a wide range of abilities
  • It doesn’t require expensive keyboards… just about any keyboard instrument will do!
  • It provides extension options for more advanced students through the improvisation
  • Encourages creativity and composition
Printslides for Ukulele

14 Keyboard Rap Printslides showing the sheet music and keyboard range for the activity.

These all have the same format. An easy ‘riff’ featuring just a few notes, which is played four times, and then an 8 bar improvisation on a pre-defined set of notes.

14 Keyboard Rap Tracks recorded at normal speed, and then slower for practice.

Have a listen to a sample:

Powerpoint or Keynote version of the printslides, so you can project them onto the classroom whiteboard
Whiteboard Ukulele Program
Ukulele Student Workbook
A printable student workbook that you can use to give the students for practice at home

Option One

Instant Download


This will give you the complete program as an easy download, so you can
get started with it straight away.

Option Two

CD Set

Ukulele CD Set


If you choose this option you will get one DATA CD for your computer, plus one AUDIO CD to play the Jam Tracks. PLUS you’ll get an instant download as well so you can get started right away.

Whiteboard Music Lessons Play Up


If you have an interactive Whiteboard… then this material is included in Whiteboard Music Lessons, module three: Play Up!

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