Looking for ideas to use in your Keyboard lab or keyboard lessons?

This program is NOT a complete program of instruction for keyboard.. there are many excellent resources for that.

What this does contain is a collection of fun little tunes that just about any general music class can enjoy in a general music classroom.

Benefits of this program

  • It is suitable for students of a wide range of abilities
  • It doesn’t require expensive keyboards… just about any keyboard instrument will do!
  • It provides extension options for more advanced students through the improvisation
  • Encourages creativity and composition

14 Keyboard Rap Printslides showing the sheet music and keyboard range for the activity.

These all have the same format. An easy ‘riff’ featuring just a few notes, which is played four times, and then an 8 bar improvisation on a pre-defined set of notes.

14 Keyboard Rap Tracks recorded at normal speed, and then slower for practice.

Have a listen to a sample:

Powerpoint or Keynote version of the printslides, so you can project them onto the classroom whiteboard

A printable student workbook that you can use to give the students for practice at home

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