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Looking for Warm Ups for your Band?
If you’re a band director, then check out this amazing collection of Warm Ups – sourced for you from the best ideas of hundreds of Band Directors world wide.

  • A collection of over 30 warmups from beginner to intermediate band level
  • Parts for
    C, B flat, E flat, F, Bass Clef and Percussion instruments
  • Complete recording included so your band can hear what they should sound like
  • Backing groove track included so students can practice playing in time

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What’s in It?

In this collection you’ll find 30 warmups, divided into four sections:

Chapter 1 – Band Sandbox (warm ups for beginner band)

Getting the beginner band sounding good is one of the first main challenges facing any band director. Participants in the band have to feel motivated and happy to be there, and have to enjoy what they are doing, right away.
That is why we’ve provided these four introductory Warm Ups in this section. They are all written within the range of a fifth, so able to be done by students who have only had just a few lessons on their instrument. With fun and egaging titles like “Chord Monster” and “Rhythm Rockets” you’ll have them enjoying their band in no time.

Listen to example (#2 Chord Monster):

Chapter 2 – Lungs and Ears of Steel (breathing & ear training warm ups)

Every band director knows that developing breathing control and developing their ear is a really important skill for all the wind players. We have taken some of the most important skills in this area and captured them in these commonly used warm up activities. Band members will develop their ears through singing, and the percussion section isn’t forgotten either in this important process.

Listen to example (#1 Fives, Sevens, Nines):

Chapter 3 – Italian Fishmarket (scale and arpeggio warm ups)

Of course with any instrument it is important on any instrument to have a mastery of the scales and arpeggios. This collection contains the essential scale and arpeggio exercises for any band. This is where the backing tracks will come in very handy, as you can send students home with the track to play along with, and keep in time!

Listen to example (#3 Fish Scale):

Chapter 4 – Pulse Checkers (rhythm and pulse control warm ups)

Playing in time is vital to develop in any band. This section contains eight ‘Rhythm Riddles” and a “Pulse Pocket” activity. The rhythm riddles gradually increase in difficulty. The idea with these is to develop the bands internal pulse, and encourage them to listen to each other.

Listen to example (Rhythm Riddle #1):

What’s included?

Printable PDF of Score and Parts

You can print these out as many times as you need for your band members.

Audio Files

The audio in this program comes in two forms:

1) Complete Band Recording
So you can hear what the music should sound like

2) Backing Groove Tracks
Simple backing beats which students can play along with.
Listen to example:

The files are in data format on the Data CD, plus we include an audio CD as well.

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Band Warm Ups
Directors Edition

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