Want a few extra activities?

Here are four useful worksheets for those students who “finish early” and need more of a challenge!

The Music Lesson Emergency Pack includes Two find-a-words, featuring names of instruments and musical terms.

In the Find-A-Words the students have to find the answer to a trivia question by piecing together the leftover letters after they have found them all.

In the two crosswords, students will be challenged with clues such as:

  • A scale or key that can be natural, harmonic or melodic (and is not major)
  • the words to a song
  • a group of three players or a piece for them
  • medieval category of loud instruments, used mainly for outdoor

This will keep all the students busy, and is a perfect addition for those who finish their other work early!

This bonus is only available as a bonus with the purchase of the full package of Music Theory Fun Sheets.