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Need a lesson plan to leave for a substitute teacher?

Choose from seven substitute lessons on a variety of topics, sure to suit just about any class.


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Seven Lessons for $7


We know what its like. You’re called away for an important event or conference, or maybe you’re just unable to come to work due to illness or family reasons. It happens to everyone!

The thing is….. if you can leave some simple, easy to use lesson plans behind, then you know that your students will still have a great lesson, and your substitute will be able to handle it without a problem.

But how can you do this without a lot of hard work?

Its for this reason that we came up with this simple download: seven lessons that you can choose from to suit just about any class.

This is how it works:

Step One

Students watch a short Youtube video (around 10 minutes). These videos have been carefully chosen to provide quality information, and not be boring! We’ve even provided a page which has the video embedded, so that the students can’t get distracted by any innapropriate comments that might be on a Youtube video.

Step Two

They go through a comprehension activity, based on the content of the video, filling in blanks in the worksheet. There is a power-point included with all the answers embedded, so that the substitute does not need to know anything about the subject matter. The powerpoint is also provided as a webpage, so that prevents any difficulty sharing the file with the substitute teacher.

Step Three

Students do worksheet activities to complete the lesson. These range from simple matching games and word searches, through to discussion questions for the older students.

There is even ideas for extension activities if the students finish too quickly.

The lessons suit a variety of age levels, from elementary through to Junior High school, and they are on a range of topics, so within these seven lessons you’re sure to find something that will suit most classes.

Here is a rundown of the lesson topics you can choose from:

Lesson #1
Lower Primary or Elementary:Grades K-3

“Instrument Families”

Children watch three short videos about instruments of hte orchestra, then complete activities learning about each of them and which family they belong to.


 Lesson #2
Middle Primary or Elementary:Grades 3-5

“A Brief History of the Piano”

Children will learn about the harpsichord and other predecessors of the modern piano and how they developed.


 Lesson #3
Middle Primary/Elementary to Junior High School

“How Music Saved Venezuela’s Children”

Children learn about El Sistema, the orchestral program from Venezuela which has spread throughout the world.


 Lesson #4
Upper Primary/ Elementary to Junior High School

“History of the Beatles”


In this lesson children get a brief overview of one of the most influential bands in Rock Music history – the Beatles.

 Lesson #5
Upper Primary/ Elementary to Junior High School

“The Life and Career of Michael Jackson”


In this lesson children will learn about ‘the king of pop’ – how he began with the Jackson Five, through to his numerous world records for the number of albums sold.

 Lesson #7
Upper Primary/ Elementary to High School

“Downloaded – A Short Documentary on Media Piracy”


This lesson is based on an award winning short documentary put together by a high school student. In this lesson children will discuss music piracy, and the lesson aims to help children understand the implications of this.

 Lesson #7
Junior High to High School

“Gotye – The Making of Eyes Wide Open"


This lesson allows students an insight into the creative process of Australian Singer/Songwriter Gotye, and they learn really interesting insights into how the sounds are produced in one of his hit songs.




Frequently asked Questions

What age group are these designed for?

These are designed for a range of age groups from primary/elementary through to high school.

What if Youtube is blocked in my school?

This is not such an issue as it used to be, as most schools are now seeing the wisdom in allowing access to such a vast library of content available on Youtube. However, if your school still doesn’t alllow Youtube, we have a few suggestions for allowing for offline viewing of the video content.

Can I download a sample?

Yes, a sample lesson is available here for you

Is this just the same content found in other Fun Music Company products?

No, this content is unique for this product.

Is it really just $7 – One dollar a lesson?

Yes! There are no catches or hidden costs.

Substitute Music Lessons
Instant Download

Seven Lessons for $7