What if you could get the single best idea for Teaching Music Lessons including Music Games for the Classroom, Classroom Management Ideas and More?

What is useful to a music teacher?… here is what one person told us:

“What are useful are those “little gem” ideas that you learn along the way. Things like a tuning tip that you might learn from watching an experienced band director, or a classroom management strategy that you might learn from watching one of your mentors when doing your teacher training. These “little gem” ideas are worth far more to a teachers sanity than anything else!”

That is why we came up with the concept of an e-book which was drawn from the collective experience of every music teacher we can contact.

We decided to run a little competition to get some content for the book by sending out an email to our Fun Music Company mailing lists inviting contributions. We decided we would give a little prize, and a copy of the completed e-book to all the contributors.

We were expecting a handful of responses, but were totally overwhelmed with the response. There was over 100 entries which we trimmed down to 40 which we personally edited and added an introduction to each one.

In this e-book you’ll find ideas which you can use straight away like:

  • Music Games for the Classroom which are fun and educational – that your students will ask for time and time again!
  • Classroom Management Strategies that work: from “Mystery Musicians” to “Popsicle sticks” there are ideas that will work to keep your students engaged and keep you from having to raise your voice!
  • Strategies to prepare students for recital performances.
  • Strategies to get children to practice technique on their instruments.
  • Ideas for vocal warm ups for choir, and breathing and ensemble warm-ups for band.
  • Organizational ideas for private music studios, and ways to get private music students to practice and enjoy their learning.

This ebook used to only be available as part of a $69.95 package, but it is now available separately for the first time.

Instant Download ebook

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