Traditional or Modern Harmony ?

Are you a traditional harmony person or a modern harmony person?

That is a question that I hear thrown around at music teaching conferences, and within the staffrooms of music teachers everywhere when it come to discussing the teaching of music theory.

There has been for many years a move away from teaching traditional four part harmony, and towards teaching jazz style harmony, adding harmony to songs with chord symbols, rather than voicing chords.

However, there is still a school of thought that says we should keep teaching traditional harmony, so that students understand how to construct chords better, and lead voices properly.

My feeling is that is is quite a silly question.. Its a bit like asking ‘Do you eat food or drink water?’

Of course both food and water are essential for our survival, so the answer to that question should of course be BOTH!

As with the question about music theory, I believe that a knowledge and understanding of BOTH traditonal harmony and modern chord-based music harmony is vital for any music student.

For this reason, I have not one, but TWO resources to share with you today.

Traditional Harmony Resource

Perfect Cadences

Modern Harmony Resource

Adding Chords to a song

I hope you enjoy this resource, and if you’re looking to improve your students skills in either traditional or modern harmony, then please check out our Printable Music Theory Books course.