How to use our Whiteboard Music Lesson materials if you don’t even have a whiteboard…..


One of the most commmon questions we get here at the Fun Music Company is:

I don’t have an interactive whiteboard…. can I still use your materials?


I use ‘x’ brand whiteboard… can I still use your materials?

The answer, in both cases… is YES!

Teacher teaching with whiteboard music lessons on a laptopYou simply need some whiteboard software installed, and you can use it with any equipment.

A projector and a laptop works quite fine! All you have to do is go to the laptop to move something on the screen, rather than touching the screen, as you would on an interactive whiteboard.

The great people at Promethean allow ActiveInspire personal edition to be downloaded FREE. It has complete functionality, it is better than many other programs that cost a few hundred dollars, and most importantly…. It works with any equipment!

You also don’t need a whiteboard attached. You can run the program in its entirety just on the computer screen.

Therefore, if you’ve got a small class, then why not just use a regular computer screen: its just as easy, and you can still interact with it using a mouse or trackpad.

If you’ve got a larger class, simply hook up a projector so that everyone can see what you’re doing.

Things like the song, the practical performance activities, and the aural rhythm activities can be done by just clicking the play buttons on the laptop, then putting it aside and doing the activities with the class.

Teacher with laptop and class

If you’ve got an interactive whiteboard, then great! Its brilliant if you do have one… but PLEASE don’t let your lack of tools stop you from utilizing the great content we have available for you at this website.

There are so many great things around, and if you’re prepared to download some free software you’ll be opening yourself up to a lot of great materials.

If you’re thinking about buying interactive whiteboard equipment, we highly recommend downloading and installing ActiveInspire before you spend anything! That way you’ll be familiar with the software and know what to expect on the whiteboard.

One final note… it doesn’t matter what sort of computer you use. It can work on Mac, PC or Linux, and we’ve tested it on all these different computers:

a PC Laptop PC Laptopa Mac LaptopMacbook ProAn iMac An imacA Desktop PC A big Screen PC

So…here is a short tutorial that steps you through downloading and installing ActiveInspire Personal Edition on your computer… and then you can download lots of our free materials, and try out our complete Whiteboard Music Lesson programs.

How to download ActiveInspire Software

Step One

Click the link below to visit the Promethean Planet Website

Choose your language and Operating System
(Windows, Mac, Linux etc)

Step Two


Enter your details in the boxes provided

Step Three


Click the download button that appears.

Then follow the instructions to download and install the software.

If at any time during the install process you are prompted to choose between ‘Personal Edition’ and ‘Professional Edition Trial’ we recommend choosing Personal Edition. It is all that is required to use our products.