Have you ever had a time where you just wake up and you don’t know how to do what you’re supposed to do and teach your classes? Or have beyond just one day, have you ever experienced a period of time where it feels like motivation left the building or you’re a bit lost, or something has happened and you’re left wondering how the heck you’re going to be able to face your music classes or your day-to-day ever again?

If you’re feeling stuck and unmotivated, tired or sad let’s walk through a solution that might help you troubleshoot and get back on track! My hope is that this one action will be the thing you take on board so you can always return to the classroom anytime you’re feeling stressed, uninspired, overwhelmed, burnt out, overtired, depressed or unmotivated in general and will help you step up and serve your students, even in the hardest times!

After listening let me know your biggest takeaways, by writing a review or comment…I can’t wait to read it!

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