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Janice Tuck is the creative director of the Fun Music Company. She's a music teacher, business owner and she is passionate about helping music teachers be the best they can be!

3 Super Simple Systems for Stress- Free Music Teaching

It doesn’t matter what area of music we’re teaching- instruments, theory, curriculum or something new- there is a non-negotiable that is essential and helps save us from all the stress, fear and nerves about teaching music! This non-negotiable allows us to go through each lesson with confidence, creativity and strategy. Let’s dive into what my

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3 Empowering videos to help recharge the music teacher in you.

We LOVE July!! Why? Because this is the one time of the year that music teachers everywhere in the world are recharging, resetting, getting away from the stress of day to day teaching, writing reports and dealing with rowdy kids. From gaining renewed inspiration to discovering new ideas and re-focusing, here are three empowering and

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