A few days ago, I stumbled into a show called comedians in cars getting coffee. It didn’t take long while watching it to realize that even though comedians look effortless on stage, they actually have to work really hard behind the scenes to come up with new material that people will laugh at!

What I didn’t know was that there is a specific process comedians use to get the best jokes and materials to their audiences via testing.

While music teaching isn’t quite like a comedian’s performance where every component needs to be original and funny, in music teaching we can “stand on the shoulders of giants’ while incorporating the comedians process. And that’s also what sparked our newest free resource called “Music Teachers Secrets” which includes the top nine active ideas for music teachers for you to use in ANY classroom. You’ll find it here: https://funmusicco.com/music-teacher-secrets/

Enjoy & Let me know your thoughts!

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