Can you remember when you were filled with thoughts, dreams and ambitions about the impact you’d create when you started teaching?

That’s how most of us live our early lives – until the real world brings us back to reality and we start teaching in a school where we hit major obstacles. Whether your students or parents don’t like you; your principal doesn’t want to rehire you; you’re teaching on a cart and it’s hard or Sally doesn’t have a hand but wants to play the violin… These are all challenges that every music teacher faces and being able to navigate them can mean the difference between having a fulfilling career or quitting!

What if you could stand on a foundation of wisdom and experience and combine what you have now with what you want? That would be an incredible career wouldn’t it?

Wait. It’s possible!

All you have to do is “Mind the Gap”. I’ll show you how in today’s conversation.

Enjoy & Let me know your thoughts!

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