There’s no doubt about it.. These are changing times! And music curricula are changing. Here’s the thing: creating an upgraded music curriculum can be incredibly confusing and frustrating

So it’s no wonder you might feel overwhelmed and overworked just thinking about curriculum and how to implement it into the classroom!

So today I thought I’d share with you some insights which were gained from our work here at the Fun Music Company as we analyse and look at all the different curriculum documents that come across our desks. We look at them all from our home country of Australia of course, plus the international ones as well.

In this podcast I want to share with you three GIFTS that any curriculum document will give you, as well as three challenges that can be associated with them.

This is because I really am a firm believer that everything in life has two sides. Its yin & yang, day & night and there is always two sides of a coin!

Psychologist Carl Jung is quoted as saying “Wisdom accepts that all things have two sides”

Let’s awaken our confidence about working with a new curricula by looking at both sides to take that overwhelm away, so we’ll be ready to implement and upgrade to the next level. We’re getting you SET today!

Enjoy & Let me know your thoughts!

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