In this episode of the weekly spark for music teachers Janice talks though ideas for dealing with problems. We all have problems in life – things come up every single day which we have to deal with and we have to find solutions for all the problems that occur in our lives.

We all face problems as teachers – and this podcast episode aims to not necessarily deal with the actual problems themselves but give you some thoughts about how to think about problems and make them feel less of a “problem” in your life.

The current situation – the COVID19 pandemic brings up a number of new problems for us all to deal with – so having new ways to think about these problems can really help give you some more resourcefulness to get through your day!

At the Fun Music Company we’ve put together a number of resources suited to teaching at this time, no matter if you’re being asked to teach remotely, or in the classroom with restrictions, or even working from a cart traveling between classrooms.

So if you’re interested in that you can head on over to where you can sign up to receive some free lesson plans that can be used in the classroom or in students homes via remote teaching.