Looking for fun ideas for Boomwhackers for the Music Classroom?

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Content in the Boomwhacker Beatz Program:

Eight Warmup Animations

These are great fun little pieces, which students can play with little or no musical knowledge. The children divide into groups, each with a different color boomwhacker, and simply play their pattern when their character appears on the screen.

They first learn the rhythm patterns, which are very easy because they are based on carefully constructed word patterns which match the rhythm played.

Five Performance Pieces

These are notated on the screen, but when you are teaching you don’t even really have to refer to it very much. The pieces can all be learned aurally, just having the notation on screen as a reference.

They are fun to play along with, and can even be performed in school concerts!

Four Games

These games are designed to improve children’s aural knowledge and awareness, plus build on general musicianship knowledge.

Ten Composition Activities

Composition is a major part of just about every curriculum around the world, as it should be. It is essential that we build creative skills in children for the 21st century, and this program is an easy and fun way to do this.

Building on the skills they learn in the warmups and performance pieces, they can then order their characters and musical notation symbols to create their own music.

Boomwhacker Beatz online edition

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