Need Some Choir Warmups?

Are you new at choir directing and don’t know where to start?
Are you experienced, but you feel you’d like some new ideas?
Do you have young children in your choir and want to inspire them?

Fun Warmups for Choir The Secrets of Choral directors worldwide

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This product focuses on just two things:

#1 How to effectively Warmup a choir
Everyone knows warming up the voice is important, and it is perhaps more important than with any other instrument, as the instrument is part of the human body. Just how do you warm up to make it possible to sing higher notes, sustain longer breaths and manage difficult passages? Plus good and effective warm-ups create a sense of unity in the choir, and a feeling of common purpose and achievement.

#2 How to make Choir Rehearsals FUN!
Having good warm-ups will make a great start to making your choir rehearsals enjoyable for the students. If students enjoy the rehearsals and have a positive experience, then guess what? They’ll come back! Retaining numbers in choir is absolutely essential, and there is no better way than making sure that the outcome of every rehearsal is a positive experience for the choristers.
In this book there are 50 pages, jam packed with ideas and practical exercises that you can use to warm-up your choir. It is an instant download ebook (nothing needs to be shipped to you), that you can print out or read on your computer. If you purchase the Kindle version you can put it on your mobile phone or other electronic device and have it on hand to refer to whenever you need it.

Here is what you’ll find in it:

Section 1: Square One

  • Ideas on why choirs should warm up, so that you’re equipped to deal with it when you get that curly question from one of your “smart” choristers!
  • A range of physical warm-ups to prepare the body and the voice for singing
  • Some breathing exercises to improve this all important skill for singing.

Section 2: Traditional Warm-ups

This section has lots of warm-ups that you may or may not have come across before. It contains:

  • Beginning choir warm ups with vowel sounds
  • Warm ups using a variety of scales
  • Warm-ups using arpeggios and Intervals
  • Using Interval Slides and Sirens
  • Rounds and traditional Songs
  • Tongue twisters
  • Spoken chants

Section 3: Fun Weekly Warmups

These are short songs, that all focus on different areas. Some use modulating keys to move up and down, and all are able to be taught aurally and accompanied by simple chords on the piano.

There are:

  • Tunes that develop particular sounds
  • Songs that work on technique and breath control
  • Songs that have a little hand percussion involved
  • Songs that involve some fun with Props
  • Songs for particular seasons/special occasions (Mothers Day, Christmas etc)

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