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Musical terms for the what?

Sorry to say that this set of music worksheets is NOT about learning what the difference between Hip Hop and House, Drum n’ Bass and Techno is.

This is about an age old problem…

Helping students to learn what italian music terms like “Andante” and “Leggerio” mean

The thing is.. that these things are still important!

Italian is the Universal Language for Music – at least for musical terms that are written on scores. Its been that way for 300 years, and its unlikely to change. Even Percy Grainger couldn’t change it, and his use of English in his scores makes his music now look like something of an oddity. Nearly all music uses Italian terms in its scores – even pop music usually uses the convention of Italian names.

It’s a fact that music students still have to learn the correct meaning of “Andante”, “Allegro” and “Presto”- or they will end up looking very silly – especially if they are going to take examinations in music.

Helping students to know their terms well is really vital for all types of music teachers, both private music teachers who are preparing students for practical and theory exams, as well as classroom teachers that are responsible for making sure that students meet national standards in their respective countries.

Why the Digital Age then?

Because at the Fun Music Company we really wanted to find something different, something that would really enable the students to be able to do these on their own, rather than just having to “know” the answer.

Students in the digital age are different – information is much more readily available at the touch of a button, and its much more difficult to get students to learn things by rote as once they were able to.

Students don’t like to learn by rote – as educators we need to find ways to make even the most boring and repetitive of subjects into challenges for their mental abilities.

We struggled with this for ages because the fact is that learning what “Andante” means can never really be that interesting! It is always a challenge to make stuff interesting for students as they really don’t embrace an old fashioned way of making them write it out 10 times very well. I know… I’ve tried teaching theory, and I found this was one of the hardest parts to get the students to do well in.

What we didn’t want to do was create a worksheet like this:


At a walking Pace



Slow and Solemn

Italian Term

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _

But the problem with that is that the students really have to know the answers… or be able to look them up in a Dictionary.

What we have attempted to do with this module of worksheets is to create an activity that:

  • Was possible to find the answer without actually knowing it in the first place. This meant that students could do the worksheet by themselves… without having to look it up or know the answer.
  • Had an activity that was relevant to TODAYS students.. most of the activities in current theory books could have come straight out of the 60’s, 50’s or earlier! Today’s teenagers couldn’t think of much worse!
  • Inserted a little bit of FUN in an otherwise one of the most boring (but necessary) parts of music education.


How it works

Musical Terms for the Digital age uses one of the current generations favorite toys… the mobile phone keypad.

These days students talk about “Texting” their friends… meaning the short messaging services that are used on mobile phones. To do this they key using the numeric keypad with the number 2 representing A, B, C, the number 3 representing D,E,F etc.

Using this as a code, any word can of course be translated into a number… and of course it turns into a cryptic “code” – that students love trying to solve…

for instance if I told you that the meaning of LARGO was 2762359 if you were familiar with a mobile phone keypad you could work out that…

2 = A, B or C
7 = P, Q, R or S
6 = M, N or O
2 = A, B or C
3 = D, E or F
5 = J, K or L
9 = W, X, Y or Z

Even with almost NO musical knowledge you’ll still be able to find the word that uses all these letters like this:

2 = A, B or C
7 = P, Q, R or S
6 = M, N or O
2 = A, B or C
3 = D, E or F
5 = J, K or L
9 = W, X, Y or Z

And you’ll be able to work out that LARGO means BROADLY.

Therefore we present these on the worksheets like this:

The students don’t need a mobile phone to do them of course… because we supply one on the top of each worksheet.

Once you get the hang of it.. these are easy and Fun to do… and Kids LOVE doing them!

Of course like all the other modules in Music Theory Fun Sheets there is a little bit of trivia which ties it all together and gives the entire worksheet a bit of a challenge.

Lets give you a bit more practice:

Musical Terms for the Digital Age contains four sets of two worksheets – eight worksheets in total… and for this reason is priced at just $9.95 for a lifetime use license for a single teacher.

We have not created them to specifically match the syllabus of any particular exam system, however what we tried to do was make the four levels similar in standard to each of the standard examination systems (ABRSM, trinity etc). Therefore you’ll find that Level one roughly matches the terms that are in Grade One of the theory syllabi. Unfortunately due to the large amount of variation we couldn’t make them all absolutely matched to Grade Levels.


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Below are the terms that are featured in each Level

Music Terms Level One



Level One Worksheets


Music Terms Level Two

Meno Mosso


Level Two Worksheets


Music Terms Level Three

Con Moto
Forte Piano

Dal Segno

Level 3 worksheets


Music Terms Level Four

Tempo Giusto
Tempo Commodo
Con Brio

Sotto Voce
L’istesso Tempo
Non Troppo

Level Four Worksheets


  OK – We don’t include everything.. however like all of Music Theory Fun Sheets we are not attempting to provide the only worksheets that you’ll use.. Music Theory Fun Sheets support the learning of these musical terms in your music lessons, whether you are a private music teacher preparing students for theory exams, or a classroom music teacher helping classes of students get their understanding of music theory together.


Super Bonus

Classroom Sized Set of flashcards to match the terms

This set of 44printable flash cards (22 pages) contains all the terms included in Module Three (Musical Symbol Code Breakers) of Music Theory Fun Sheets.

It starts with simple ones such as Andante and Allegro, and moves through to more advanced ones such as Pesante, Perdendosi and Con Moto.


Let’s Recap what is included:

Terms like Vivace, Crescendo, Poco and Staccato

Level One Worksheetslevel 1 – Approx Grade 1 Terms
Two Worksheets
Terms Like Presto, Andante, Accelerando and Allegro
Level Two Worksheetslevel 2 – Approx Grade 2 Terms
Two Worksheets
Level Three Worksheetslevel 3 – Approx Grade 3 Terms
Two Worksheets
Terms like Con Moto, Ritenuto, Forte Piano and Largamente
Level Four Worksheetslevel 4 – Approx Grade 4 Terms
Two Worksheets
Terms Like Pesante, Perdendosi, Tempo Commodo and Con Brio
Bonus #1
Set of Classroom Flashcards to match the terms
module 1 set 1Bonus #2
Answered versions so you’ll be able to give them to relief teachers
Fun Music Company newsletterBonus #3
“Music Education News” The Fun Music Company Monthly e-newsletter
Total value included: $29.75
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Only $9.95 gets you this package

This package is the cheapest of all the instant print music lesson modules, however for the amount of value you’ll get from it it will be far more than the two cups of coffee you could buy for $9.95

To create just one of these worksheets would take you at least two hours, so you can look at it that even if you just use one or two of them you are saving yourself many hours work in lesson preparation!

If you value your time like I do, then take action today and save yourself some time!


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