Frequently asked questions about our curriculum program


How much content is in the program? How many lessons will it last?


We have structured all the material into ten lessons. Does this mean that the program will only last ten lessons? Absolutely not! We chose ten lessons because this was an easy way to structure the content that would make it feel achievable for everyone.

We don’t make our lessons have to fit a certain time frame, because every teacher and school has a different length lesson, and a different expectation of what they can fit into a lesson. We certainly know that there is a lot more material in one of our lessons than could be covered in a typical school lesson. If you were proceeding by lesson and you wished to make the curriculum last an entire year, simply plan to make each lesson last four weeks, and it will cover a 40 week school year.

Each lesson has activities from each of the four units: AURAL, SING & PLAY, COMPOSE and CONNECT. Therefore if you proceed by lesson you’ll be doing one activity from each of these aspects in turn, in a continual rotation between the four aspects of the curriculum. However, you also have the choice of proceeding by unit and focusing all your energy on one particular aspect at a time. Our SING & PLAY, COMPOSE and CONNECT materials generally have enough in them in each lesson that you could focus on just that aspect for a full lesson.

So there is enough in the full unit to last for more than ten weeks of SING & PLAY, ten weeks of COMPOSE and ten weeks of CONNECT. Together with warmup materials, and preparing for school concerts this should be enough for the majority of schools for an entire year’s program.


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