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Elementary Music Resources available above include:

1. Easy Tuned Percussion Ideas with just two notes.

ELementary Music Resources for Tuned Percussion

In this elementary music resources archive we have ideas for tuned percussion. We begin with just two notes. We start by show you how to teach the pattern with body percussion. Students start by tapping on their lap, playing in the air, and on the carpet. Students become familiar with the music before they touch an instrument.

Colour coding makes it easy!

Students start using tuned instruments with colour coding. We use the system from the boomwhacker instruments. Students start by playing only one pitch in Kindergarten and grade 1. They then play two notes in grade 1 and 2, through to more notes as they get older.

Any elementary music resource needs to have solid instruction behind it. This is what we include in this archive of elementary music resources.

2. Simple and fun songs to sing.

Singing ELementary Music Resources

Singing is a very important part of any music instruction. Elementary music resources should have a focus on singing. It is the first activity students should start with.

All of our elementary music resources feature play along videos. These have light up lyrics. This is not turning music class into “karaoke time” – it’s much more than that! In elementary music students should memorise songs. Having the lyrics on the screen when you need them makes this easy.

3. Untuned percussion resources that work, no matter what instruments you have.

Singing ELementary Music Resources

Nearly all elementary music classrooms have a collection of untuned percussion. Tambourines, claves, triangles and drums. They may or may not all be in good repair! Instruments can be the elementary music resources that get misused the most! This may be because the resource used to play them isn’t consistent enough.

Teachers may be busy trying to get music together. They may use YouTube or some other internet site. This means they will be busy and not be able to focus on the children. They will not have the time to create a practice of looking after the instruments. Students need to learn to respect their instruments. The teacher can only do that if they have consistent elementary music resources.

The Fun Music Company elementary music resources available on this website are a great start.

4. Aural training and skill development resources.

Singing ELementary Music Resources

Musicians must nurture a musical ear, which seems tough but isn’t. Children need to engage in games to boost music skills and awareness. Games such as Musical pizza, where children make up rhythms using the names of ingredients. Elementary music resources like these make lessons fun!

Students also benefit from pitch games, singing games, and beat development activities. Experienced teachers find these tasks simple. Inexperienced educators can turn to our elementary music resources.

5. Music Listening Elementary Music Resources.

Listening Elementary Music Resources

Students need exposure to a wide variety of music in their elementary music resources. If we leave children to their own devices (literally!) they will be exposed to only a small sample of music.

Through exposure to music, they can learn about diverse cultures. They can learn about history, and about geography. They can learn about dance, movement and creative expression. All through the vehicle of music. This is something where Elementary music resources do much more than just teach music. They are a window to the wider world.

A diverse range of listening elementary music resources

Students will listen to a diverse range of music. Music from great composers like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, George Gershwin and Lili Boulanger. They’ll listen to jazz and blues greats like Duke Ellington and BB King. Plus they’ll trace the history of pop music from the Beatles, through Woodstock and the 70s, 80s, 90s, through to today.

Elementary music resources inspired by all of this amazing music are available here!

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