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Discover the Secrets to getting your Students to Practice their musical instrument with Music Practice Charts, each and every week

Tested strategies for getting even the most under-motivated students to achieve with their instrument

This system is ideal for very young children. Practice sessions do not need to be timed, but the expectations need to be set by the parent and teacher together of what constitutes “practice”.

In this system the teacher gives the parent a page (or sometimes just a few printed strips) of stickers to take home.

The parent or teacher writes down the tasks for the week in the left large box, and during the week when the child completes a practice they place a small “music note” sticker in the relevant day’s box. The parents obviously have to take an important role here in supervising the practice, and controlling the stickers.

At the end of the week or at the weekly lesson the parent or teacher can place a weekly “This week I earned” sticker in the large box on the right. A chart is included that you can place on the wall in the room, so that the child knows what they are aiming for with the weekly sticker.

If the child is always doing the maximum number of practices, then it is time to use the “music award” stickers. You can even give a music award if the child has improved very well and not practiced every day, or for any other reason. It helps to break the monotony – as children will get lazy and only do the minimum required to get the sticker, and not worry about trying to improve

This system is ideal when the “spark” has diminished from the first system. Get the child to time themselves practicing, and put the relevant sticker in the box (5,10,15,20,25 or 30 minutes).

You can then use the same weekly stickers as for Set 1.

This system can transist a child away from using stickers, to more adult learning systems such as diaries.

All you have to do is get them to “Tick” the boxes when they have done the task each day, and then you can still give them a weekly sticker in the “This week I earned” box.

These strategies WORK – even when introduced for just the underperforming students

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