Want something refreshingly different to try?

Give Beatboxing a go!


Check out the video below for information about an easy way to inpsire students!

Benefits of doing beatboxing in general music classes:

  • Can be a ‘way in’ for students to start using their voices
  • allows students to learn rhythmic drum-beats without needing co-ordination skills
  • It doesn’t require expensive instruments or equipment
  • Its great fun for students of just about any age!

What is included in this curriculum:

‘Printslides’ which go step by step from really basic sound creation through to vocalizing complete beatboxing patterns

Printslides for Bucket Beats


keynotePowerpointYou can print these out and laminate them if you wish, or we have also included them as Power-point (PC) or Keynote (Mac) files, so you can project it onto the classroom whiteboard



Audio tracks to match with three speed levels on each of the difficult beats, allowing a chance for them to master each skill.

Plus there are five complete songs with many variations which can be used for performance groups.

Have a listen to a sample:


Step by step lesson plans showing you how to progress through the materials.
Lesson Plans


Option One

Instant Download


This will give you the complete program as an easy download, so you can
get started with it straight away.

Option Two

CD Set

Ukulele CD Set


If you choose this option you will get one DATA CD for your computer, plus one AUDIO CD to play the Jam Tracks. PLUS you’ll get an instant download as well so you can get started right away.


Whiteboard Music Lessons Play Up

If you have an interactive Whiteboard… then this material is included in Whiteboard Music Lessons, module three: Play Up!

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