Fun worksheets for a substitute music teacher

A couple of fun worksheets which you can leave for a substitute teacher for a middle school class

A Video Lesson for Boomwhackers

An excerpt from our popular ‘Play Boomwhackers’ DVD you can use with music classes

Easter Ideas for Elementary Music Lessons

Ideas for the week before easter to engage and motivate the younger students.

Substitute lesson idea for a music teacher

A simple lesson you can leave for a substitute teacher for just about any level.

Fun game for learning about the Trombone

Your middle school students will love this fun game – and they’ll learn all about the trombone slide positions at the same time.

Warming up a Concert Band

Fun ideas for warming up a band at any level

Percussion Rhythm Score Reading Idea

A fun little rhythm score suited for untuned percussion instruments

Boomwhacker Fun for Special Needs Children

Ideas on how you can use boomwhackers with any children, no matter their ability levels

Garageband for iPad Tutorial extended

An extension to a previous activity for learning how to put together a song using Garageband for iPad.

Middle school Practical Ideas

Ideas for using junk percussion in the middle school to engage middle school students