Percussion for folk song Tideo

Check out this amazing resource featuring a full percussion arrangement of the folk song “Tideo”

Singing activity – a fun Spanish song

Students will love this fun Spanish song – and you’ll see how we help students learn correct pronunciations.

CONNECT listening activity for Grade four

Your students will love this fun listening activity which encourages creative thinking.

Fun song with actions for Grade three students

You’ll find your hidden capabilities to sing in this fun resource for Grade three students

Resource celebrating the 44th anniversary of Hip-Hop

A fun lesson for older students which uses the excellent “Google Doodle” published in August 2017.

Keeping music listening relevant to students today

A fun way to introduce music listening for grade 3

Listening activity on Stravinsky

A fun music appreciation activity for junior high school students learning about some amazing music from Igor Stravinksy.

A substitute lesson for high school students

A useful substitute lesson for high school students

How to deal with assessments for middle school

A free assessment page which will be useful if you’re teaching about instruments of the orchestra

A printable game for recognition

A fun game which helps children understand and recognize notes and symbols