Moving from Singing to Playing

Learn how students can move from singing a song through to learning some simple tuned percussion parts in Grade 2.

Fun Action Song for Grade 1

Learn a wonderful fun action song for Grade 1 called “Kye Kye Kule”

Bridging the Classical Music Gap

A fun listening lesson for Grade 6 featuring Richard Wagner’s famous piece.

CONNECTing with Grade Fives

A music appreciation worksheet and video for engaging Grade five students in discussion.

Aural Training Grade Three

A lesson idea using rhythm imitation for Grade three students.

GarageBand Updates in 2018

Download a free lesson using the latest elements of GarageBand music software, and learn more about what has changed in the software recently.

Compose and build notation

How students in Grade four can use their creativity in improvising and composing, while taking the first steps in music notation at the same time.

Creative activity for grade one

A composition activity for young children with a fun classroom video.

Composition Film Score Activity

This fun activity is an introduction to a longer film score project, showing students how to get started.

How to build confidence with improvisation

A composition lesson for Grade 3 which shows the building blocks of teaching improvisation.