Remote Teaching Lesson with fillable forms

A grade six lesson which features fillable form PDFs that the students can complete and send back to you.

Three tips for remote teaching

In this video Janice offers some simple tips for remote teaching, and a free lesson idea for Grade one.

Remote Teaching Lesson for Grade Three

A fun song with a home-made instrument project that students can do at home via remote learning.

The secret to effective Junk Percussion classes

How to use Junk Percussion to engage and motivate students of all ages.

Curriculum Mini Workshop – Grade Three

A tutorial on teaching tuned percussion for Grade three students, including a fun arrangement to use in your classes.

Curriculum Mini Workshop – Grade Two

An aural lesson idea for Grade two, with an explanation of how and why it is taught at this grade level.

Curriculum Mini Workshop – Grade One

A composition lesson for Grade one students, with a breakdown of how it is taught.

Curriculum Mini Workshop – Kindergarten

A fun song to engage students in their first year of school.

An award winning music lesson idea

A lesson idea contributed from one of our members about the Grammy Awards.

Fun with Composition for Grade 2

A fun composition lesson suitable for grade 2, featuring a wonderful interactive whiteboard activity.