I have two very young students (1 6 years old and 1 just turned 7) and have found the Junior Musicianship System invaluable. They love the Note Drawing Sheets – and of course the Games are a real hit with them. I am also using the Note Drawing sheets for older beginners too – they are a great resource for helping them to remember.

Margaret Bennett-Hall

Recently I ordered your advanced theory worksheets because one of my students is in a jazz band. I knew jazz students needed to understand modes and I spent several months looking for the best way to explain modes.

I joined several jazz lesson sites and communicated with the teachers, hoping to get a better understanding of them. Instead, I seemed to get more confused!

After looking at your worksheets, it became very obvious how to create each scale in any key and the formula for the modes in that key.

I was also amazed at how easy they actually are and wondered why so many teachers are making it much harder to comprehend than it really is.

Thank you for your great worksheets.

Cheryl W.

THank you so much. This product has helped me tremendously in making kids love music. Also, if you can’t think of any activity to use or have a mental block of how to organize lessons, this is a very good guide to start off with, then you can make your own and what not. Thank you so much once again.

Corina Toon

I recently purchased the History of Rock and Roll curriculum and I am extremely impressed. The lessons are well organized and offer many activities and recordings that can be modified for middle to high school – I am currently using this curriculum with 12th grade! Having all the research done, well organized, and already in powerpoint has afforded me the opportunity to spend my time in more creative aspects of planning!


I have bought several products from you. I have taught 18 years in the public school system and The Fun Music Company has it all. You have save me hours upon hours of time researching suggested listening activities and youtube videos. I currently teach Jr. High General Music Classes. I use your Theory Workbook I with my 7th grade students and the History of Rock and Roll with my 8th grade classes. Thank you so much for having these resources available to us. The time I would I have spent doing all of this would have been time that I would have had to take away from my three boys. I am recommending your products to all my band director friends!

Saraya Rogers

Really enjoyed the games – took a while to print and laminate etc. but worth it – teach group lessons at a primary school and they are a big hit. Also first day back for term today and started everyone off with the practice sheets and I think they will be a great success – using the stickers which gives them something to aim for. Using the sheets with the wider spaces rather than the original – 5 weeks to a sheet. Find the others too small for what I need.

Elizabeth Turner

I just finished downloading or printing the Theory book level 1 and I am amazed at the detail involved. Janice, you are a genius to put this together!! You thought of everything right down to the point value on the quizes to make scoring easier. Thank you and I can’t wait to use it. It is obvious that you think like a teacher and are very organized in your thinking. Great product- keep it up!! Thanks, Chris

Chris Szekely

Hi Janice and Kevin, At last I have been able to test out your material with my students. These students aged between 12 and 18, are either autistic or have other learning disabilities. A few of these students do have private lessons, but my job is ‘classroom music.’ Your material has been an excellent teaching aid for them. We listen to music while we use the games and between about 14 students we have four teacher aids to supervise the groups. We have specifically enjoyed and learned from Rollup, Musical snap and Gofish. I am glad you have changed Treasure Island as ‘intervals’ are beyond this class. I myself, am particuarlly pleased to have found these informative interesting games,which adds variety to what we can do in the classroom.

Rosemary Heath

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