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Teaching Music Theory?

Download and print a complete course of Music Theory Books for your students

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Music Theory Books Level One
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Music Theory Books - assessments
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Music Theory Books Level 1
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Music Theory Books

Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4


The included assessments are also an invaluable time saver for the classroom music teacher – Section assessments, multiple choice quizzes and even an completion exam are all included.

Here is what just one of them said about it….

“I think this is an excellent product and would be very useful in both a private studio and classroom. So often, the students with whom this tool would be used are decent music readers, but don’t know all the terminology or exactly how the music goes together. This tool puts it all together quite succinctly”

Mary Kay Wagener
Illinois, USA

The workbooks can be printed out and given as homework, as they contain the basic information required for the student to work through the materials unassisted

If you are putting students through grade examinations in theory in exams from the ABRSM, Trinity College London or the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) then these books align perfectly with the grade levels.

We recommend that you still use official publications and trial exams from the relative examination board, however the books cover all the content required.

If you are not doing grade exams with the students then these books still provide a great opportunity for them to cover everything they need to know.

PLUS you can legitimately increase your income by printing out these workbooks and selling them onto your students. You can charge them less than the price in the shops, give them a better product and make some money at the same time. Everyone wins!

Frequently asked questions

I’m in the USA – What about different terminology for different areas?2020-10-12T07:24:26+00:00

Glad you asked! A purchase of this product gives you access to two distinct versions of the materials, with every language difference carefully noted and changed.

  • All rhythm names are changed: crotchets becomes quarter notes, minims become half notes etc
  • Stave becomes staff
  • Bars become measures
  • Ledger lines become leger lines
  • Semitone becomes half step

We went to the extent of asking experts in the UK, USA and Canada for their feedback on the language and structure of the book, so that it would suit the language styles of all areas.

If you find any of the language incorrect for your area then you have the opportunity to ask for a revision, and provided it is within the scope of Grade One theory we’ll have it done for you straight away.

Do the books cover all styles of music?2020-10-12T07:24:48+00:00

These books are designed around the classical music theory syllabi of the major examination boards from around the world, as this gives us a structure and framework for the levels. However these are fundamentals that are relevant to every style, popular and classical. Where chords are referenced we use modern chord symbols and modern terminologies… while still including everything needed for classical examinations and general musicianship.

How do I know that they are suitable for grade levels in theory?2020-10-12T07:25:21+00:00

During the comprehensive review process, we asked experts to give us detailed feedback on the book and evaluate its use in different teaching contexts. We wanted to make absolutely sure that it met the grade requirements for the ABRSM, Trinity and AMEB.

What are the terms of the printing license?2020-10-12T07:26:25+00:00

The full legal license terms are available here if you wish to read them here it is in simple terms:

  • You are allowed to print out as many copies as you need for teaching purposes, either in the classroom or private studio.
  • The only restriction is that you may not sell, transfer, copy or otherwise assign this license to anyone else.
How do I access it?2020-10-12T07:27:18+00:00

The files are in PDF format, printable from any computer with internet access. Access is via our easy to use Fun Music Company member’s area. You choose your own username and password, and can use these for any products you have with us.

What about Printing Formats?2020-10-12T07:28:06+00:00

We supply both A4 and Letter Paper printing options, or you can use the Adobe Acrobat “fit to page” option to fit it to your local paper size.

What if I decide not to use it?2020-10-19T01:18:08+00:00

Like all of our products at the Fun Music Company…….

We want you to “Test Drive” these materials for 90 Days

Fun Music Company GuaranteeComplete the order form today and get started tomorrow. You´ll see how Printable Music Theory Books will be invaluable in your repertoire of teaching materials. If at any time you feel that the small investment you’ve made for this product is not worth your while then we insist that you contact us straight away, and we will refund you 100%.

We will even allow you to keep all of the included assessments just for having spent your time with us. So you really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Janice Tuck, CEO
The Fun Music Company

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