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History of Rock and Roll

Fifteen lessons giving a comprehensive overview of the history of Rock, suitable for general and specialist music classes.

Starting with early Rock and Roll of the 1950’s, right through the 60’s and 70’s to today.

Normally $49.95

Great Artists of Jazz and Blues

Fourteen lessons covering all of the great jazz musicians from the Ragtime era through to Bebop and modern Jazz.

Normally $49.95

World Music

Fourteen ready to use lessons on fourteen different types of cultural music. Students will learn everything from traditional African drumming and Indonesian Gamelan through to Latin American music of Cuba and Brazil.

Normally $49.95

The Great Composers

Fifteen fun lessons based on selected composers from the Baroque through to the Twentieth Century. Students will learn music history in a fun and engaging way with these materials.

Normally $49.95

Instruments of the Orchestra

Fourteen ready to use lessons on musical instruments. Ideal for junior high school, these materials include fact sheets, associated work sheets and lesson planning ideas.

Normally $49.95

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Substitute Music Lessons

Seven Lessons any subsititute teacher can use to teach music, even if they have very little knowledge about the subject area

Normally $7.00

40 lifesavers for the music teacher

A collection of the most valuable and important music teaching tips gathered from the most experienced music teachers worldwide.

Normally $9.95

Music Lesson Emergency Pack

A collection of worksheets which are ready to use at a moments notice

Normally $9.95

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