In this episode Janice gets excited about assessment!

At the Fun Music Company we are working hard on a new product at the moment for Ukulele, and we’ve been putting together a series of assessments for this new program.

This led us to think about the language that we use on rubrics and assessments – where we are always encouraging and positive about the student, even if they are really struggling or even failing the subject.

So the question is.. why do we not assess ourselves in the same way?

By assessing ourselves – we’re not talking about formal assessments or evaluations, but rather the internal self-talk that we say to ourselves every day.

Every day we say things to ourselves about our own performance, and the things we say to ourselves – our internal self-talk really affects how we go about our day.

So here Janice talks about the idea of taking the positive style of language that we write for students, and applying it to our own lives.

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