In this episode of the weekly spark for Music Teachers, Janice Tuck addresses the issue of what music teachers can do in lessons when they’re told that they can’t sing or play any instruments due to COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive effect on all teachers, but particularly music teachers, as we’re being asked to change everything we do, and teach without using some of the most important things we do: singing and playing.

Here are some resources that are mentioned during the podcast:

1. Music Theory

At the Fun Music Company we have a complete music theory course, plus lots of innovative worksheets in our Music Theory Fun Sheet series, plus some Printable Music Games.

2. CONNECT Lessons

The Fun Music Company Curriculum program for grades K-6 contains a complete listening program called CONNECT where students watch a short video and complete a worksheet given.

current curriculum members have access to 70+ of these lessons, and here are a couple of sample ones for non-members:

For Grade 5: Theme from Star Wars

For Grade 6: Ride of the Valkyries

3. Composition

Composing is one of the greatest opportunities that this pandemic brings us – and you can use lessons like in our Composition with GarageBand progam.

You can get 60+ prepared lessons with tutorial videos and worksheets with this training program.