So you’re looking ahead at your calendar and the date keeps getting closer. The first term of teaching for 2022 you’ve been preparing for is coming at you full steam ahead, and just thinking of it makes you feel uncertain and anxious.

What will happen when that first school bell finally rings? What changes will be about to take place for the 2022 teaching year? How will you focus amidst the pressure and nerves?

Since it’s a new year with new goals, visions and plans I thought it was the perfect time to introduce you to what I’ve learned about the gift of certainty. With this sorted, you can have certainty in the classroom (or in hybrid, remote or in person teaching ) and therefore get certainty in your live. So the question is how do we create certainty in ourselves? … How do you create that feeling like you can make it all happen despite what’s happening around you… because when you create that “I can do this NO Matter what” feeling, the truth is you can do the job to the best of your ability,.. and you’ll thrive because of it.

Enjoy & Let me know your thoughts!

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