There are numerous resources and lesson plans available from this website to help you if you are planning music lessons.

In Salzburg, Austria, Mozart’s childhood house has been turned into a museum. Have the students draw a design for the front cover of the brochure for this museum, showcasing why Mozart is still so popular today.

Guide tours of the Museum. Pretend that members of the class have been chosen to be the new tour guides for the Mozart Museum Work in groups to explore one item each that may be in the Museum (it doesn’t necessarily have to be there…use your imagination). Have a think about an object which could be showcased in the museum (eg a quill pen, a table where he wrote, the piano etc) and develop a talk about the item. Have each group do one of these talks and then have the classroom set up like a museum and move between the different groups discussing the different topics. Top it off by having some music by Mozart playing in the background, and possibly even video the presentations.

Listening List

Mozart Requiem Mass in D Minor Confutatis and Lacrimosa

Piano Concerto no. 21 2nd movement: Andante
Eine kleine Nachtmusik: Allegro

Symphony no 40 in g minor: 1st movement

Mozart Serenade No 10 In B Flat Major K 361 III Adagio

Resource List

The Mozart Project contains a detailed biography, a full list of works including information and stories about many of them

Classics for Kids has several short radio shows on Mozart’s life and some of his works

Art Links

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