Our team at the Fun Music Company has been hard at work for the last few weeks finishing off a whole revamp of one of our products, which was previously known as Instant Print Music Lessons.

Several months ago we decided to completely revise and re-release this product, as we felt that the name “instant print music lessons” didn’t quite reflect the exact nature of this product. These worksheets are really classroom music worksheets, designed to support upper elementary and junior high teachers – giving them something fun to do which is a little bit different from the “run of the mill” theory worksheets.

There are no boring old crosswords here! In these worksheets students will chase down the treasure in treasure island games, decode the musical symbol code breakers, and crack the mobile phone puzzle to work in the italian music terms worksheet called “Musical Terms for the digital age”.

On balance we felt that Music Theory Fun Sheets was a much more suitable name for this product, as really all of our products are actually “instant print music lessons”, being that nearly all our products are instantly printable materials for music lessons.

These are all available both on CD-ROM or as an instant download.

All members who own a license to “instant print music lessons” have been automatically updated to own the new “music theory fun sheets”

So click on the pictures below to check out our new look Music Theory Fun Sheets.