Be one of the first to preview our newest project

As a member of our Fun Music Company family, I would love to give you the opportunity to preview our latest project – The Junior Musicianship System -and I would love to hear your feedback!

Over the year we have had loads of teachers ask us about providing a system for young children (I’m talking ages 4-7’s) and I’m really excited to announce that it is up and running ready to help make music learning fun for children worldwide and help take the stress load off teachers in having to constantly prepare worksheets. Now it’s easy to get a relevant worksheet at a simple click of a mouse!

When you get to the website you will find out:

  • How to help fidgety and busy young children become focused in their music lessons
  • How to help children retain information about music theory concepts
  • 8 Effective strategies for teaching 4-7 year old children.
  • Ways to help save on preparation time and to enjoy your teaching again
  • How to get young children so enthused that they practice
  • Ideas for games and inspiring, fun activities you can play with young music classes that actually work
  • How to use music flashcards with young classes

The best news about this website is that all this information is completely free- you will be able to enter you name and email address if you wish to get more free worksheets and find out more about the system, but all the information above is completely free ready to be used and implement for the last few weeks before school ends.