Starting a New Year ahead as a teacher can be a daunting task-There’s all the new classes and students, all the administrational tasks not to mention all the new curriculum planning. It can sometimes feel like hurdle after hurdle and the pressure can start to mount even before you begin.

If you’ve ever felt like this before a new school year, then we’ve got a treat for you today!! These following videos are selected to help put things into perspective a little. So if you feel like you’re doing it tough at the moment then take a look at these and find out what these guys have been through to get where they are today – it’s truly amazing!!

Against All Odds

The story of a father who wants to help and a child (born without eyes as well as other conditions which limit his mobility) and his son’s love of music.

“If you’ve never failed, you’ve never Lived”

This is the closing comment on this short video and encapsulates the essence of it. The video highlights the negative things that were said to now famous individuals and look what they became!!

It’s a great one to show your classes at the beginning of any school year to motivate.

No Arms, No Legs, No Worries

If you want a great video about overcoming obstacles- then this one is a must – it’s Nick Vujicic. He was born with no arms or no legs. It’s a long video, but it gives you a great idea of his seminar with school kids and provides so much inspiration to all in a meaningful way.

They Were Wrong

This is the story of an amazing man who had severe disabilities as a Vietnam Veteran. It shows how over time he was able to overcome his disabilities, despite his obstacles.

How We Can Help.

There are a lot of things in teaching where there are no easy solutions and that there are always obstacles. We understand that, however there are a few things we can do to help make the life of any teacher in teaching music to classes or groups a little easier- especially in lesson planning.

last year in 2012, one of the most successful things we trialled was sending out a short free video along with a matching free resource to our mailing list from time to time.

This year we are providing new ideas to teachers, every week in 2013. This means you will get a new video resource idea completely free and ready to use so that you can try it out with your students and classes straight away. Overall you’ll get access to over 50 new teaching ideas complete with all needed resources, just by being part of our mailing list.

if you’ve missed these video emails and want to get access, then click here for the latest.