Fun lesson ideas for teaching students about Classical composers

Planning music lessons? here are a couple of ideas to help you create some fun music resources for your lessons.
A couple of ideas for a lesson plan about Franz Joseph Haydn:

Encourage the students to pretend that they are Prince Esterhazy, and that they are looking for a new Kapellmeister. Ask them to write a job advertisement outlining the duties of the position and the type of person you are looking for. Encourage them to write down details of the Esterhaza palace where the applicant will live and work.

Another activity is to have the students research the 18th Century ‘Symphony’. There are a lot of interesting facts to learn like the number of movements, the standard instruments used at the time and the size of the orchestras. Ask them to research other composers who wrote symphonies.

Here are a couple of videos to enjoy:

This video recording features a young female trumpet virtuoso from Norway. It would be inspirational to any young brass players in the class. The video also exhibits the process involved in making a musical recording.

This video recording is an entertaining version showing the musicians leaving the stage during the last movement, as they did in the first performance of this work in 1772.

Trumpet Concerto: 3rd Movement

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