This is an excerpt from our Printable Music Lesson Plans series on great composers. These are just a couple of the ideas found in the Lesson Plans.

In Salzburg, Austria, Mozart’s childhood house has been turned into a museum. Design the front cover of a brochure advertising the Museum by briefly describing who Mozart was, what may be see in the Museum and why Mozart is still so popular today.

Mozart Museum Guided Tours. Imagine that your class has been appointed as the new tour guides for the Mozart Museum in Salzburg. Work in groups to explore one item each that may be in the Museum (it doesn’t necessarily have to be there…use your imagination). Use a prop to represent your item (a table for a piano, a notebook and pencil for music manuscript and quill pen etc) and develop a short talk to be included in the guided tour about some things that may have occurred at that place/room or with that item. The classroom could be set up as the museum, with the class moving from item to item and the relevant group giving their talk and answering questions. Top it off by having some music by Mozart playing in the background, and possibly even video the presentations.

Here are few ideas of items to include: Mozart’s piano, Mozart’s violin, the family dining table (with some stories about what may have occurred there), Mozart’s fancy clothes, a piece of manuscript paper containing a copy of some of Mozart’s music…maybe tell the story about how and when it was written, or get some more ideas from the Mozart Museum website.