I set out today to find the best music education blogs so that I could link on this site. I’ve found something even better! – There is a campaign being run by Joseph Pisano and friends to get 100 Music Education Blogs happening by January 2009.. So Music Educators – Start Blogging and Join the list! – I just have!

If you didn’t know you can start your very own blog completely FREE. You can go to www.blogger.com (which is run by google) or www.wordpress.com and you can set your own blog up on their sites with no cost at all.

Music Education Blogs Campaign

Here is the list so far that Joseph has compiled – there are some great blogs in here full of really interesting and relvant information – so check them out!

  1. http://www.mustech.net 
    Dr. Joseph M. Pisano- MusTech.net
  2. http://digitalmusiceducator.wordpress.com 
    Owen Bradley -The Digital Music Educator
  3. http://etobiasblog.musiced.net 
    Evan Tobias- Catalysts & Connections
  4. http://musiced.about.com/ 
    Espie Estrella -About Music Education
  5. http://pwhitfield.edublogs.org
    Pete Whitfield-  e-Learning for Music
  6. http://www.musicedmagic.com 
    Chad Criswell- Music Ed. Magic
    Dr. Jonathan Savage- Jonathan Savage
  8. http://musictechforme.com/ 
    V. Keith Mason- Music Tech. for Me.
  9. http://mystro2b.edublogs.org/ 
    Ken Pendergrass- Music is Not for Insects
  10. http://www.soyouwanttoteach.com/ 
    Joel- So You Want to Teach
  11. http://stengel99.wordpress.com/
    Steve Engel- Music Ed. Lounge
  12. http://fsharpbflat.wordpress.com/
    Linda Granite- Bb, F#
  13. http://doublebassblog.org
    Jason Heath- Double Bass Blog
  14. http://dvzmix.wordpress.com/
    Deborah Valdivia-Zwolinski- DVZ’s Mix
  15. http://choirteachers.blogspot.com/
    Kyle Gardner- Choir Teachers
  16. http://www.pauldraper.org
    Paul Draper- Draper’s Blogspot
  17. http://johnwilborn.wordpress.com
    John Wilborn- John Wilborn’s Weblog
  18. http://iknowithink.blogspot.com
    Leo Park- I Know…I Think
  19. http://gluedtothestring.blogspot.com
    Stan Haskins- Glued to the String
  20. http://edgroves.wordpress.com
    Edgar Groves- Edgar Groves’ Weblog
  21. http://musicedtech.wordpress.com
    Barbara Freedman- Music Ed. Tech.
  22. http://tomrudolph.berkleemusicblogs.com
    Dr. Tom Rudolph-  Make the Most of Notation Software
  23. http://docandry.edublogs.org
    Dr. Kevin Andry-Dr. Andry’s Band Blog
  24. http://sperham.wordpress.com
    Steffany Perham- Perham’s Prattlings
  25. http://alexruthmann.com
    Alex Ruthmann- Alex Ruthmann’s Blog
  26. http://musicanthology.org
    Geejay Arrioloa and Jeffrey Langlois -Music Anthology  
  27. http://southiowamusiced.blogspot.com/
    Michael Compton -Southern Iowa Music Education Network
  28. http://qachsband.edublogs.org/
    Eric Wright- QACHS’s Band Blog
  29. http://jonathanfilbert.com/blog/
    Jonathan Filbert -Sound On ~Music and Music Education
  30. http://alleyjazz13.wordpress.com/
    Alison Hulihan- Marching Music