Get your best party tricks underway and get ready to roll up – there’s a new buzz around that circus skills can help develop not only coordination, but can increase fitness, wellbeing and keep kids 100% engaged….all while having fun!

If you know of kids who need activities to do over the holiday period, why not take them to a Circus Camp and let them be part of the show. There is a Circus Camp in New York coming up soon!

At “Circus Camp” children have the opportunities to learn specialized skills like juggling, clowning, acrobatics, balancing, trampoline, stilt walking, unicycling and much much more. The extra benefit of being involved in a circus camp is that at the end of it all, skills learned are showcased in a complete circus show which family and friends can enjoy – starring the Children!

Although circus skills are not yet as big in Australia and in the UK, they are Literally sweeping in poularity in exclusive clubs in Manhattan, taking the place of regular gym classes, so it’s only natural that children should have the opportunity to start young.

An organization that I found on the Internet called “Circus Arts Camps” starts kids as young as 4 1/2 years old and is about to run camps over the USA summer period.  Therefore if you are looking for a Circus Summer Camp in New York visit their site!