Lesson Planning ideas about Tchaikovsky

Here are a few ideas for teaching a music class about Tchaikovsky in the classroom. These ideas are taken from the fun music company lesson plan series on the great composers.

In 1891, Tchaikovsky went to America to conduct some of his compositions at the opening festival of Carnegie Hall (which was called The Music Hall at the time). Design a programme that may have been given out to the audience at one of those concerts. You may like to consider including a cover, a biography of Tchaikovsky and a list of works to be performed. For information on which pieces were presented during the five day festival, research the following sites:


Work in pairs or groups to devise a role play of Tchaikovsky visiting a counsellor/therapist about his feelings of despair over the abrupt end to his correspondence with Nadezhda von Meck. The issues the therapist explores may include topics such as why this friendship was so important to him and focusing on the positive aspects of his life, such as what he had achieved and contributed to Russian society.
Extension Activity: Research and write a report on “nationalism” in Russian music in the 19th century.

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