Here’s a little music game that really works well with small groups of preschoolers to elementary school children.

The game is called “Notes to Riches” and it is what it sounds like – MONEY!

All you need is some $1 bills play money – go and raid your old monopoly set or make some with plain paper!

The teacher is the Banker who makes sure every child gets the correct amount of money and a game board is placed in the centre of the playing circle or on a whiteboard wherever it can be seen by the children easily.

The game board has simple musical signs on it with a key which matches how many beats are – something like this:

Music Note= 4

= 2

= 1

Each child rolls a musical dice (or two or three die if you want to incorporate adding to the game)and once it has rolled tells the teacher how much money they have earned (ie the money is in direct proportion to the amount of beats they have rolled).

The teacher then pays out the money – its that simple!

The wonderful thing about the game is it can be as long or as short as you want it to be because the game ends when the money runs out – all the children count it up and you have the winner!

You can of course incorporate more than one die if you want to make it more complicated

You can get the free musical dice template from here – or this game is included in the package at