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This week we’ve been putting the finishing touches on our brand new website which has been in the pipeline for over a year. I’m really excited about it because I know that it will be of enormous value to all the classroom and studio music teachers out there who are constantly thinking and planning their music theory lessons. <—–New website now online

It’s called Instant Print Music Lessons and it includes over 80 pages crammed packed with fun music theory games and puzzles that you can print out as many times as you need for music theory instruction without any copyright restrictions.

Just think of all the hours of preparation you will save as you are getting ready for your next theory classes. All you will need to do is go to your computer find the worksheets that are best suited and “Hey Presto ” you can print out as many copies as you like- Lesson Planning Done!

In our Instant Print Music Lessons website you will find worksheets for loads of ages and ability levels ranging from beginner to more advanced and they are perfect for music classes, studio students and relief lessons. The kids love them because they have a fun, modern approach to them and while they’re just having fun playing the puzzles, you’ll know that they will be retaining the information they need to know – all in a fun, active environment.

At The Fun Music Company, our mission is to empower music teachers with resources and materials that are; fun and educational, that can be used as part of any existing curriculum and can be used with little or no preparation time.
You’ll be pleased to know that all our materials are completely self checking and can easily be given to a substitute teacher with no extra effort or planning.

Just check out Instant Print Music Lessons and let me know what you think.