Welcome to the very first episode of Music Teachers Q & A, where Janice Tuck will be answering questions from music teachers, talking about issues that affect us all.

Today’s question comes from Mary in South Carolina, USA, and she asks:

“I’m really not happy with my teaching situation this year – I’m being asked to teach subjects other than music, and I’m not really comfortable doing this. I feel my job is more babysitting than teaching – and I’m not really teaching what I want to teach, which is music. So what can I do to convince people I should be teaching music full time?”

Watch the video above for Janice’s thoughts on this question, and after you’ve done so please fill in the comment box below so you can contribute to the discussion. As a community of Music Teachers I’m sure we can give Mary some great thoughts on how to handle this situation, as I’m sure we have all had times in our own career when we have felt like this.

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