Instant Print Music Lessons Explained

At the Fun Music Company we have been very excited over this past week to announce the launch of our newest website project called Instant Print Music Lessons. This package contains over 80 fun packed worksheets and puzzles which are ready to print in an instant and will be of enormous value to all the classroom, studio and relief teachers out there.

I have received loads of requests for more information on exactly what you get with the whole package and more on the enormous benefits it can provide.
So here it is, a quick look at everything included and how it can help you out with your teaching. Even if you don’t teach a lot of music theory classes, Instant Print Music Lessons is a great companion to any teacher’s resource kit.
Here’s What You Get in the Instant Print Music Lessons Package

Treasure Island Games
This a module of worksheets comprising of over 30 pages and which feature five sets of work areas including Rhythm, Intervals, Melody, Scales and Aural. Your students will be working out a treasure trivia question using special maps and will learning important theoretical concepts at the same time.

Musical Symbol Code Breakers
Kids love breaking codes and this module of worksheets comprises 55 pages based on familiarizing students with musical symbols and note types and there are versions for both American and European Note naming.

Musical Terms For The Digital Age

Have you ever needed to teach musical terms and find that students can never remember them. These 12 worksheets was created for that whole purpose- to help make musical terms fun and help students retain them easily. It uses a modern approach to an age old problem in teaching music theory.

Musical Instrument Games
This will help your students to to gain an outstanding knowledge of all musical instruments and their families. These games will give your students the knowledge and understanding of how the instruments look and sound as well as giving them the challenge of solving a fun puzzle. This module includes 16 pages of action packed fun.

A special E-Book Entittled “40 Lifesavers for the Music Teacher”
This useful e-book is a collection of 40 inspirational stories and ideas from music teachers worldwide that you can use in your classes. It’s a perfect resource and companion to any teachers “Kit bag” and will save you many hours in preparation and finding new ideas.This book is not avaliable anywhere else!

The Ultimate Music Teacher Flashcard Set
This set of flashcards is tailor made to a classroom music teacher’s needs. They’ll be perfect for introducing new concepts to your classes.

Music Teachers Emergency Pack
This pack includes four extra crosswords and find a words fantastic to use for fillers and relief sessions and which you can give out at a moments notice.

Overall, the whole package contains over 100 pages and sheets to use in you classes instantly and which suit many ages and abilities. A priceless addition to any teachers resource kit.
Benefits of the Instant Print Music Lessons Package

The value of this package is priceless over the years! Not only will it save you hours of valuable time now, but you will be able to give your students worksheets that you know will work and have already been tried and tested even in the most challenging music teaching situations.

Here’s some other reasons why Instant Print Music Lessons is a real Benefit to music teachers worldwide:

* You will be providing additional material for homework or as a class activity which will enhance your students learning and help them have fun at the same time. All in an instant.

*Will give you a “Grab Bag” of varied resources and materials that you can print out in an instant withou any copyright restrictions.

*Instant Print Music Lessons will give you material that you can leave for a substitute teacher in a heartbeat. Great for those instances when you’re unexpectectedly called away from a reherasal or class.
I already have the Treasure Island Games- So How do I upgrade to the full package?

It’s super easy, and we’ve simplified the whole process. I know that the previous system with the e-book registration caused a few issues, so the new membership system is much easier to manage.
How to get the Instant Print Music Lessons Package

All you need to do is go to and click on the Buy Now button at the top. Scroll down and find the package deal to secure your membership to this invaluable set of lesson ideas and worksheets.

So go ahead and check it out Instant Print Music Lessons and I look forward to hearing your success stories.