Fun Music Company Video Series

Are you remote teaching right now?

A free lesson for Grade 3, designed for teaching remotely

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Special edition of the Fun Music Company Curriculum program for K-6

We have created this special edition of the Fun Music Company curriculum program especially for K-6 teachers who need to teach students remotely, via the internet.
It consists of lesson ideas to send via email, with video instruction on special student pages, that require no login.

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The weekly spark for music teachers podcast

The Weekly Spark for Music Teachers is a ten minute “spark” of mindset and motivation each week.
With the challenges that we are all facing right now, this is a great way for us to connect and join together as a community of teachers, supporting one another through this crisis.
This podcast is one small way that we can support you. Its completely free, and has no advertising. You can subscribe now on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or another podcast service by following the links below.

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