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The King Of Rock and Roll: Video Resources

That’s Alright Mama by Elvis Presley
This song was the one that started it all! It was originally written by blues artist Arthur Crudup, Elvis recorded That’s Alright Mama on July 5, 1954 at Sun Records and it was his first commercial recording which became an overwhelming success.

Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley performing “Blue Suede Shoes” at the Milton Berle Show on the 3rd April 1956.

Hound Dog by Elvis Presley On the Ed Sullivan Show
Elvis Presley performed Hound Dog on the Ed Sullivan Show on September, 9th, 1956.Elvis sent shock waves with his soulful singing, wild hip gyrations and raw energy, attracting a record-breaking TV audience of more than 60 million people. This is a piece of famous Elvis footage that only showed Elvis from the waist up because his style was seen as too suggestive!

My Baby left Me by Elvis Presley
Originally written by Arthur Crudup this perhaps lesser known hit was recorded January 30, 1956. The single release had a 14-week stay on Billboards Top 100 Chart, peaking at #31, and it reached #13 on the Country Best-Seller chart.

Love me Tender by Elvis Presley
This is Elvis’s live performance of Love Me Tender on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1956. There’s a little bit of delayed lip sync going on in this towards the end of the clip, but it does capture the excitement of the teenage girls in the studio. This single preview performance of the song prompted a record-shattering million advance orders.

Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley
This song was released on September 24, 1957, to coincide with the release of Presley’s motion picture, Jailhouse Rock.

Between 1958 and 1960, Elvis joined the US army . In this time, his fans were still able to see him in the many films he made prior to leaving and when he came back he recorded a number of hits including these.

Are You Lonesome Tonight by Elvis Presley
This song was originally recorded  on April 4, 1960.

Return To Sender by Elvis Presley
This song was was is a 1962 rock and roll hit and is about a man mailing a letter to his girlfriend after an argument. She continually writes “return to sender” and while he keeps receiving the letter with various reasons for returning to sender, including “address unknown” and “no such person”. He keeps mailing letters, refusing to believe the relationship is over. Elvis performed “Return to Sender” in the film Girls! Girls! Girls!. Here’s a clip from the film:

Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley
“Suspicious Minds” is a song about being trapped in a mistrusting and dysfunctional relationship. Originally, and most notably, a hit for Elvis Presley in 1969, “Suspicious Minds” was widely regarded as the single that jump-started Presley’s career after his successful ’68 Comeback Special.”

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